The Cancer of Secrets


[vimeo id="126966300"] I love exploring God’s creation! I’m continually amazed how something as small as an acorn – something you may not even see – can produce something as majestic and massive as an oak tree. You know, the same principle happens in our own lives, but sometimes it’s not a positive thing. Many of us have secrets we keep within our hearts that can eventually sprout into problems and troubles. Storyline recently published a blog that reminded us about the danger of keeping secrets and how it slowly eats away at our lives. Here are a few dangers of secrets the author shared along with my own thoughts.

First, secrets create insecurity. Why do we keep secrets? Because we fear what might happen if we tell people. Ultimately, we fear rejection. In the back of our mind, whenever someone commends us, we immediately assume they wouldn’t say that if they really knew who we were. As the author puts it, “we filter any positive things out.” This line of thinking prevents the cultivation of any form of security in your identity. Keeping things in the open will begin to dissolve this line of thinking.

Secondly, secrets stagnate growth. Secrets make us innately afraid of situations that would stretch us. Why? Because we don’t believe in ourselves. We won’t accept the encouragement we received from others, so we can start to be misled and begin to believe we are useless. This keeps us from accepting positions that stretch our abilities or cause us to grow. Secrets cause to close in on yourself and keep you from discovering the joy of your Divine Design. Again, opening up about these things will help us live empowered lives in our divine design.

Lastly, secrets create relational distance. If we are continually afraid of rejection, we’ll keep people at arm’s length. We will never invite others into our lives because we think they will reject us if they found out who we are. So we begin to isolate ourselves instead of experiencing the welcoming embrace of acceptance. Secrets keep us from the joys of forgiveness, acceptance, and fearless love. When we become transparent, we build trust. And trust will cultivate closeness and confidence in our relationships.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I pray these words have been uplifting to you and encouraging as you continue your journey through life. Please feel free to leave any comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!