The Discipline of Athletics


[vimeo id="138779931"] One of the fastest growing amateur sports in America is golf. It can seem like a really boring sport to watch, but playing golf requires incredible mental and physical discipline. One of my sons loves playing golf, and watching him play, I’ve realized that there are quite a few principles that leaders can learn from golf. Here are a few of them along with some thoughts.

First, the hazards of the course force you to play better. You know, there are few things as frustrating as hitting a shot into a sand bunker. Not only does it hurt your score, but it also can just ruin your whole game. But, you know, if you didn’t have those sand bunkers or lakes on the course, you would never need to practice hitting a straight shot. The obstacles force you to play better. It’s the same in leadership. If you’re never challenged to do something difficult, you won’t improve. As frustrating as obstacles can be, they are essential to continued growth.

Secondly, bad shots teach you self-control. If you’ve ever taken a bad tee shot, you know how tempting it is to throw your club into the nearby pond. But every time you don’t, you build a little bit more control within yourself which helps you improve your golf-skills and also makes the game more enjoyable. As innovative leaders, we’re also going to make some bad calls and poor decisions, and it will be tempting to blame it on someone else or lose control of our emotions. However, those mistakes are opportunities for us to develop self-control, and through that self-control, we ultimately become more effective leaders.

Lastly, in golf, you’re always playing against yourself. You might be competing against some friends in a round or two, but you’re always really playing against yourself. You’re thinking about how you played last time. Where did you improve and what do you need to work on? Did you get a better score this time? In many ways, these are the same kinds of questions we ask ourselves as leaders. We always want to do better. We evaluate our decisions and look at areas that need to improve. We may like to outperform our competitors, but what really matters is how we performed against ourselves.

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