The Godhead Leadership Model: Holy Spirit


[vimeo id="130361489"] Today, I want to share with you the last part of my series on leadership principles from the Godhead. We’ve covered the Father and the Son so far, which if you missed, I recommend going back and checking them out. Now, I want to share about the Holy Spirit. I think we can learn several leadership principles from the Holy Spirit that we can apply to our own lives.

The first principle is accessibility. You know, it’s really a crazy thing when you think about it. You and I have personal, instantaneous access to God at any time. If we have questions, issues, or are in need of counsel, we can immediately go to God through the Holy Spirit. Likewise, it’s important for those you’re leading in your organization to know that they can touch base with you, meet with you, and have access to you. When leaders are available to others they build transparency, confidence and security in their organizations. People feel secure when they know that they can always approach the leadership

The second principle is guidance. When you read the stories of the early Church, many of their doctrines were neither in the Old Testament nor in Jesus’ teachings. So how did they develop those teachings? The Holy Spirit guided them through uncertain circumstances to reach the effective truth. In the same way, there will always be situations where someone doesn’t know what to do. It is a leader’s responsibility to either guide them or position others to guide them in those circumstances.

The last principle is empowerment. The most repeatedly emphasized effect of the Holy Spirit in Scriptures is empowerment. The Spirit empowers us to overcome our flesh. He empowers us to do the things we thought were impossible. Any effective leader will do the same. Be the force that gets behind a person and enables them to fulfill their visions and dreams.

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog! I hope you’ve been encouraged as you continue to discover God’s Divine Design for you. Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!