The Godhead Leadership Model: Son


[vimeo id="130358202"] In my last blog post, I began a short series on leadership principles we can learn from the Godhead. Last time, we talked about God the Father, so today I want to talk about the son. Jesus was the greatest leader to have ever walked the earth. That’s why so many sermons, morals, and leadership lessons come from the very words of Jesus. Here are a few leadership principles we can draw from Jesus.

First, Jesus lives out the very words He speaks. As a leader, if what you say is different than what you do, people will ignore what you say and just copy your actions. People are better at imitating than following. Demonstration is also one of the most powerful teaching methods. Seeing a lesson in action is far more effective than simply hearing it. Think about how many life principles come from just examining the life of Jesus?

The second thing Jesus shows us is the importance of mentorship. For three and a half years, Jesus personally invested into His followers and especially into the twelve apostles. What was the result of that investment? It’s essentially all of the church history! I’d say that’s a pretty powerful legacy. Jesus’ legacy as a leader is characterized by his mentorship of future leaders. You see, an organization must be able to survive beyond its current leadership. Mentorship is the key to empowering a future greater than yourself. That’s exactly what Jesus did with His disciples.

The last principle Jesus exemplifies is opportunity. After mentoring and demonstrating His message to His disciples, Jesus told them to go out and do as He had done. He gave them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience about His teachings. Likewise, if you are training up an emerging leadership, you must give them space to practice. Sometimes this means giving them a day to do your job. It may seem insignificant, but Jesus knew His investment would ultimately mean His disciples would do even greater things than Himself.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! I hope these words have empowered and encouraged you on your journey. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!