The Great Unknown


[vimeo id="151569354"] You know, effective leadership requires courage and boldness. If you’re committed to being a transformational innovator, you’ll often have to take a “leap of faith” into the unknown.

No one likes it.

But no matter who you are, we all have to face the unknown every day. Every chance you have to step out into new things is also a chance to fail. But every chance you have to fail is also an opportunity to succeed! The bottom line is this: there are no decisions we can make in this life with absolute certainty. But we can make every decision with an attitude of courage…and not fear. Here are a few thoughts on confronting the unknown.

The first thing we have to do is understand why we tend to reject the unknown. Some of us have baggage from our past. We took a chance but it didn’t work out. So we decided we’d play it safe from now on. Some of us believe that making a mistake could ruin the rest of our lives.

But here’s the point: everyone reading or listening to this has made mistakes – and probably a lot of them. But life still went on. We recovered. We learned. And we did better. That’s just how life goes! Failure does not spell certain doom. Actually, failure means opportunity! It means a chance to grow and gain wisdom.

The reason why we reject what we don’t know is that we are afraid of letting go of what is right next to us. If we reject the unknown because of fear, we’re rejecting the chance to fail. And if we reject the chance to fail then we’re also rejecting the opportunity to succeed!

The second step is to overcome our fear of the unknown. The only difference between fear and faith is that one spells out potential failure, while the other promises success. So one of the keys to courageous leadership is learning how to take that “leap of faith.” This means letting go of fear and accepting that even if you do fail – it’s not the end of the world. It means overcoming the temptation of complacency. It means dreaming bigger and envisioning greater things for your life! So be bold! Be courageous! And seize every opportunity that comes your way!

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I hope this has encouraged you to be bold and courageous as you face life’s decision. Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below! Thanks again, and have a great day!