The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today


Last month, Southeastern University had the opportunity to host several world-class speakers and motivators during our 2013 SEU Leadership Forum. Every year, the speakers challenge and inspire people to have a greater impact through their life journey.  It’s one of my favorite events at Southeastern University.

While I’m personally thinking about and chewing on a lot of the wisdom and insights shared over that week, one thing has stood out most recently. During the opening session, best-selling author Mark Sanborn challenged all of us to ask ourselves, “Who is better because of me today?” As I started thinking about it, I wondered how many of us have ever asked that question before. At the same time, I believe that it’s a question that each and every one of us should get in the habit of asking ourselves on a regular basis. The truth is, investing in other people is one of the greatest privileges we have in life… we should be doing it all the time.

Asking yourself “Who is better because of me today?” is one of the most important habits you can develop because it constantly:

  • Challenges you to consider the impact you’re making in the world
  • Reminds you that your life isn’t really about you to begin with
  • Inspires you to add value to the lives of others every single day
  • Encourages you to put others before yourself
  • Motivates you to become a better leader, teacher, mentor, or friend

If you want your life to be about something bigger than yourself, to make a difference for others, and to leave an eternal impact on this world, I challenge you to get in the habit of asking yourself this question every day. When you do, I have no doubt that you’ll begin to see the benefit of intentionally living your life to influence the lives of others.

I’m so thankful that Mark kicked off our conference with such an inspirational and challenging question. It changed the course of the week for many people at the SEU Leadership Forum and undoubtedly impacted dozens of lives since.

So… who is better because of you today? What are you doing to intentionally invest in the lives of others with everything you have?