The Power of Memorization


[vimeo id = 125073141] If you’ve ever worked a low-ranking job, you’ve probably dealt with being anonymous to your boss. The same person that interviewed you now calls you “Mr. what-was-your-name-again?” It can be very frustrating and deflating. You feel unimportant and undervalued. Now, there is a difference between forgetting and not-memorizing. We all have moments we forget something. But there are many things we never choose to memorize. Why? Because we only memorize what we value.

As a leader, it’s important that we use the power of memorization to invest and build up those in our community. Here are three ways memorization shows value.

First, memorization demonstrates investment. To commit something to memory requires a significant investment of time and energy. No one becomes fluent in a second language without continuous and tedious daily work. So a leader’s decision to memorize is an investment into the lives around them. People recognize this investment just as native Spanish speakers will recognize your investment into learning Spanish. This is key to building relationship and trust.

Second, memorization expresses commitment. At a very basic level, the purpose of memorizing is to retain information for an extended time. If you don’t need to remember something later, you won’t expend the energy to memorize it. So when you commit something to memory, like a coworkers name, you are expressing an expectation that you will be in relationship with this person on a long-term basis. That commitment speaks volumes to your team.

Lastly, memorization shows priority. What are some common things you try to remember? Perhaps certain names or birthdays? Maybe even a favorite poem or impactful passage of Scripture? We don’t memorize news articles or menus. Why? Because they aren’t worth our investment. If you don’t need to recall that information with precision, you won’t work to memorize it. By choosing to commit certain things to memory, you are showing your priorities.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I trust these words have encouraged and empowered you on your journey. Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!