The Power of Paint


[vimeo id="136466912"] Having a strong mission statement or vision is crucial to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, some leaders really struggle to communicate an effective vision. Trying to motivate people to achieve a 3% rise in productivity or even a balanced budget can be almost impossible. Why? Because people remember and are energized by what they can envision, and frankly, it’s difficult to see a picture of a “3% rise.” However, if you’re willing to invest a little extra time into your speech or memo to “paint” a picture with words, you may be surprised at the results. Here are three steps to painting with words.

The first step is to have a clear image of success in your own mind. If you don’t know what success is, you can’t expect other people to be able to envision it. So take a moment right now and think about a goal you want to achieve in the near future. What does that look like? Be as detailed as you can about what the success should look like.

After you have a clear image in your mind, “paint” it using vivid words. Avoid generic words or ideas people can’t get a picture. What does being the “best company” look like? For example, instead of saying, “We want to build a great church that will double in size in the next two years,” try describing it as an engaged community of believers who are ready to encounter God and engage the community.

Lastly, add a personal connection with your vision. Take what excites you about your mission and bring it to life! If it energizes you, it will energize your team! Get them thinking about what their place in that success looks like. If they feel like a cog in a machine to fulfill your dreams, they’ll never stick it out when times get rough. Make the success of the organization their success.

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