The Rhythm of Discipline


[vimeo id="133931736"] Success requires a lifestyle of discipline. When we think of discipline, we seem to think of things that are negative – like restrictions on our life. The truth is that disciplines are the guiding principles that help you develop your Divine Design. Not only that, but disciplines make you much more productive throughout life. Today I want to share a few ideas on how you can implement the right disciplines into your life.

First, recognize where you need disciplines. The areas of life where you’re not being productive are the ones in need of discipline. Essentially, theses are areas of your life that you aren’t maximizing. This could be in the way you eat, the way you work, or the way you do life with your friends and family. Identifying the need is an essential step towards creating necessary discipline in your life.

Second, confront the issues. In other words, make a plan. Once we recognize our weak areas we can develop a plan to counter them with the right disciplines. Your plan should be direct and to the point. It needs to attack the issue clearly. Your disciplines will become the guardrails that will keep you on the right track. You might need to make a commitment to leave work at 5PM to get to your family. You might need to wake up at 6AM to hit the gym. You might have to stay away from certain foods. Whatever the disciplines are, make sure they are clear and defined.

Third, apply the plan to your life. This is where you make your disciplines a part of your life. Build it into your calendar. Put reminders in your iPhone and intentionally make the disciplines a part of your life.  It’s great to make a plan, but if it’s not put into action, it won’t make any difference in your life. It needs to become a part of your lifestyle.

Fourth, repeat the process. Once you’ve done this process you can apply the same principles for another area of life. Take what you learned in one area and apply it to another. When we get used to living with disciplines we can develop other areas of our life with new sets of disciplines.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust you’ve been encouraged by these thoughts. If you have some follow up thoughts, please do not hesitate to write a few words below. Have a great day!