Part of being an empowering leader is to instill boldness, dedication, and vision into those around you. However, we must also model a lifestyle that cultivates sustainable growth. One area where leaders tend to fall short is getting enough rest or downtime. The greatest success happens when passion meets perseverance, but this can’t be sustained unless you know how to take it easy once in a while. Here are three reasons leaders should be diligent in the discipline of rest.

Rest helps you avoid panicking in a crisis. Tasks always seem twice as hard when you’re tired. Assignments and meetings are harder to get through, and it takes longer to get anything done. When you’re tired, a crisis always seems more terrifying. It’s natural to panic and start reacting to the situation emotionally. And most of the time, this makes things worse. However, when you’re well-rested, you can deal with problems from a calmer mindset and make better decisions. Sometimes, the best thing you can do before dealing with a difficult situation is to get a couple of hours of rest. 

Rest helps your awareness. When you’re tired, you tend to be less observant. You might even miss opportunities that you normally would have noticed. Sometimes you don’t see changes in your team or recognize new opportunities when you’re dealing with exhaustion. It’s hard to get excited about an idea or a new venture when you’re dealing with fatigue. That’s why it’s so important for leaders to maintain a lifestyle that will help them be well-rested so that they can be aware of themselves and those around them.

Being well-rested will always set you up to overcome challenges. Exhaustion can make it difficult to concentrate and strategize when dealing with challenges. You struggle to prioritize and delegate appropriately. But if a leader is well-rested, they can approach the challenge one problem at a time. They can weigh the pros and cons of an action. They can process advice more easily and make a decision that will maximize their organization’s effectiveness. So commit to a lifestyle of sustainable growth. You’ll find you can achieve more significant, impactful results by having disciplined rest habits.