The three C's of discovering life's purpose


No one wants to wake up one day and realize they missed every call to adventure that came their way. That would be a nightmare. Instead, we want to look back on our lives and see the twists and turns, the chaos and disruption, the uncertainty and victory as a beautiful symphony of adventure that leaves us with a sense of awe, wonder, and excitement.

So how can you be sure you don’t get it wrong? This question comes up a lot. People say they are open to adventure’s call, yet they fear getting it all wrong. It’s as if we have been convinced there is only one opportunity, one decision, and one moment that will define our entire lives.

Such thinking is flawed. Life is full of decisions. That is plural. Life is about accepting the calls to adventure. This doesn’t happen once but many times over. This is the good news. Discovering your divine design isn’t about getting it right as much as it is about saying yes to as many adventures as you can stomach.

As I’ve spent time thinking about my own journey to discovering life’s purpose, I’ve realized there are three things—clarity, confidence, and conviction—that have made a difference in each decision, each step I took.

Here’s how each plays a role in discovering your life’s purpose:

Clarity: Before you take the first step, you need to have a clear picture of where you’re going. While it may be impossible to see the entire path you’re going to take, clarity helps us define the next step. Clarity to take the next step comes from learning from past experience, realizing your current phase of life, and understanding the direction your decision might take you.

Confidence: There will be times when fear has the potential to paralyze you and keep you from moving forward. The only way to fight through is with confidence. Granted, confidence doesn’t mean that you have all the answers or know for certain that everything is going to work out. Instead, it’s an understanding that taking the first step is the right thing because it’s what God has called you to.

Conviction: Each of us has passions and desires that shape how we see the world. These convictions are what prompt us to do incredible things with our lives. Listening for your convictions as you’re looking to discover life’s purpose helps ensure your direction is guided by what you value most.

The paradox is that clarity, confidence, and conviction come into better focus when we courageously accept the call to adventure. While this may seem a little frustrating, you will never find clarity, confidence, and conviction unless your life is moving. And—as you know—life is always in motion. The question is not if life is in motion but in what direction is it moving?

In what ways have these three words made an impact in your adventure to discover life’s purpose?