A few thoughts about mentoring


[vimeo id="103730512"] As you know, I’m a big fan of mentoring and taking time to invest in people so that they can truly grasp their full potential. It’s a great tool for people to utilize in helping others grow and learn. There are many misconceptions about what mentoring is and what it isn’t.

Here are a few ideas that will help guide you in becoming a more effective mentor to those in your life.

First, mentoring is not a list of do’s and don’ts – it’s a process. Mentors must understand that everyone is living a unique life journey. They’re there to give insight into life issues and struggles that people are facing. Every season is a process, mentors should offer insight where they can. Most of the time people need someone who they can use as a person for vetting ideas – so be that person.

Second, mentoring is not about solving people’s problems. As a mentor you’re in a position to help people become problem-solvers so that they can find the right solutions. People who come in and take control of other people’s lives are not doing any favors. A part of growing and maturing requires that people learn to go through the steps that will help them make their own decisions. Bottom line is that people must learn to become decision-makers. They must understand to use wisdom to make healthy choices.

Third, mentoring is about helping people grow in confidence. This relates to the second step. As mentors lead people through processes like decision-making, the mentor is helping people grow more confident. Mentors help shape self-assurance for people to understand that they can do well in life. If however, mentors made all the decisions for people, they would not inspire confidence in people, but instead they would create handicaps. Mentors cannot become the go to decision-maker. They must inspire people to become their own person. There’s a fine line between giving advice and making the choice for someone else. Stick to giving advice.  People need to live their own life, not the life that others would want them to live.

Usually, mentors are people who have experienced the journey of life and have wise words to offer. There are many things in life that can only be learned through experiences. It’s sharing these experiences with other people that help them navigate situations in the future. Mentoring is a privilege and an honor, it’s not a right to dictate life plans. It’s the right to give life guidance.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. If you have any follow-up thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!