A few thoughts for New Year's Eve


[vimeo id="82043893"] Always around this time of year I hear people make all kinds of New Years Eve promises. They say they’ll work out more, travel the world, find a new job, write a book and change the world. We’ve all heard these before and we have probably made a few promises like these ourselves. Some of you may be thinking of a few of them right now, but before you make any crazy pledges, I want to give you a few ideas for what I think are some really great commitments to keep to throughout the year.

  1. Commit to reading one hour a day. Getting into a habit of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Disciplining yourself to reading one hour a day will not only help shape your thinking, but will also help you gain a deeper perspective to navigating this adventure called life.
  1. Commit to spending time with your family. As leaders, we tend to focus on doing everything right in our organization or ministry and forget to spend time with the things that really matter, like family. If you’re struggling with creating space for your family, then make a promise to spend more time with them this year.
  1. Commit to serving.  One of the greatest privileges in life is when we’re given the opportunity to serve and invest in other people. When we support people to attain success in their lives, we’re really building a legacy that will last through time. Remember, a true legacy is one built by a life lived with meaning and significance, and part of that comes through serving others.
  1. Commit to New Adventures: Adventures come to us in many forms. It may be as simple as a conversation with a friend or a new situation that unfolds before you. Whatever the adventure, the decision is ours to accept that call. The only way we’ll develop and grow in our divine design is by accepting the next new call to adventure when ever it surfaces. So be bold, step out, and commit to living life abundantly in new adventures.

I trust these few points have given you some encouragement and guidance to make some great New Year’s Eve commitments and promises. You can make all the promises you like, but if you don’t stay committed to following through with them – your just chasing after the wind. We can say that we commit to working out and never hit the gym. If we want the results, we have to stay disciplined and faithful with what we’ve promised to do.

What are some of your New Year’s Promises? Why did you decide to make them?