[vimeo id="136469204"] You know, it’s really a privilege to live in this golden age of technology. There is a surge in new devices and innovative improvements which is allowing all kinds of creativity to flourish! People all over the world are developing unique ways of capturing a moment or a feeling. One method of photography that has been around for quite a while now is time-lapse which allows you to condense long periods of time into just a couple of minutes. Of course, leaders often do the same thing by condensing years of experience into a book, a video, or just a speech. However, there are a few traps leaders can fall into. Here are three things leaders need to watch out for with a time-lapse mindset.

First, it’s easy to become impatient. I once saw a time-lapse video of stars moving throughout the night. Now, if you were standing outside all night, you would never get a feel for that movement. It’s the same in leadership. When you look at the past three years, you can see your organization’s movement, but when you’re working day to day, it’s easy to become frustrated and impatient because you can’t see the change happening.

Secondly, you can forget the path of success. Some of the most interesting time-lapses are of farms. You start off seeing a bare farm and then in two minutes you have a field ready to harvest! What you don’t see in that video is the fertilizing, spraying, soil testing, and machinery maintenance that goes into that process. We can do that in leadership as well. We see someone’s success and want to emulate it without considering the tedious work that was involved.

Lastly, you can forget to enjoy the journey. Let’s go back to the time-lapse of the farm. What took us two minutes to watch takes most farmers 7 to 8 months to achieve. There is no journey for us, but there’s quite a lengthy one for the farmers. The old saying about farmers watching their crops grow has a lot of truth because they enjoy that process of building towards their success. If our sole focus becomes the end result and success, we can forget to enjoy that journey as well.

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