A few tips for helping others grasp their potential


[vimeo id="112847925"] I’ve always believed in doing all that you can to help people maximize their Divine Design. It is something that I think is extremely important in the development of young people and anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. I believe that the greatest thing that leaders can do is invest in others so that they can maximize their God-given potential.

Here are a few ideas of how you can help people to maximize their Divine Design:

First, work to minimize their insecurities. As a leader you must empower people by helping them understand that they truly are significant. People often feel that they don’t have anything substantial or valuable to offer the world and maybe feel that their weaknesses are too powerful for them. Leaders need to cultivate their confidence and let them know that they are affecting lives. As a leader you must help people focus on their strengths. Be intentional about highlighting the things that they do well. Perhaps they’re great singers, writers, leaders or maybe they’re great speakers. What ever their strength is, be sure to highlight it and don’t just tell them, but show them specifically how they succeeded in a certain strength.

Second, show them why they should grow. We’re never finished learning new things. Learning is something that everyone needs to keep pursuing. Remind people that learning isn’t a bad thing. Now, some may have had bad experiences with learning in the past. This is where you need to reshape their approach to learning. You need to frame learning as something that they should cherish because it will only propel them further. Remind them that expanding their skill set can only improve things for them in future. New skills have the potential to open new doors to have more influence in the world. You never know how God might want to utilize the new skills in the future – so keep learning.

Third, live by example. Show them what to do, don’t just tell. Actions speak louder than words, so show them through the way you live your life. Your life is the most powerful example that you can ever offer the people in your life. Think about all the great leaders in history. Their lives now serve as great examples and teaching points for us as we live our journeys. So let your life be an example for others.

Fourth, explain them the why. Don’t just tell them to listen to you. Explain the process, the lesson behind it, and the significance. Explain it all! The more they know the more they can understand and actually put it into practice. I wrote about the power of the “why” some time ago, I encourage you to revisit that post. I unpacked the power behind how people buy into a new idea or concept. When people understand the why, they will buy into the new idea. This same concept works when you’re working to empower people in their Divine Design.

Fifth, create a free environment. Allow time for them to practice what you’re talking about. Exercises, opportunities, and scenarios, give them the chance to show you what they understand. Be intentional about making this fun and enjoyable. Putting people at ease will do wonders for their development and growth.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog today. I trust I’ve encouraged you today and helped you develop ways for people to maximize their Divine Design and live out their full potential. When you serve people in this way, you will not only see greater success in their lives, but also in your own. Remember, our greatest success happens when we invest in others. If you have any follow up thoughts, please feel free to contact me below. Have a great day!