Top 140 character encouragement phrases


[vimeo id="87209932"] I love Twitter. I’m intentional about tweeting on a daily basis. I try to encourage people and give them some practical advice through all those 140 character phrases. I find myself scrolling through my Twitter feed, and often stumble on a few great, encouraging thoughts on leadership, faith and even sports, at least when the LA Clippers are winning! Anyway, today I want to share my top ten encouraging tweets with you. I hope they lift your spirit and empower you to move forward with courage, confidence and conviction.

Number one, “You may think that you have nothing special to offer the world, but the truth is you're divinely designed to make a positive difference!”

Number two, “Life is exciting when you watch every day unfold revealing another aspect of the masterpiece God is creating from your life.”

Number three, “Our ambitions don’t have to be exciting to be meaningful; they only have to be clear.”

Number four, “There are billions of people on the planet and not one of them is exactly like you. God's ‪divine design is unique to every individual.”

Number five, “Optimism is like a muscle: if you exercise it on a regular basis, you can build it up. Try powering up your outlook on life.”

Number six, “If you intentionally choose to maximize each moment of your life, you will never waste a moment of your adventure.”

Number seven, “Being teachable will set you a step ahead of everyone else. An attitude of learning will always posture you for success.”

Number eight, “Strive to be an empowering leader who creates a culture where nobody stands alone.”

Number nine, “A kind word of appreciation often does more for a person than anything else. Today, tell someone you value them.”

Number ten, “Intentional living comes from an understanding that our lives have a greater purpose and destiny than we can imagine.”

I hope these have encouraged you today. Just remember, you are where you are for a reason. God does not make accidents, and He has placed you with your whole divine design into your position for a time like this. Keep your head up and keep striving.

What are your 140 character encouragements? How have they helped you grow and develop?