Transforming our view on the ordinary


[vimeo id="97654623"] Life can seem a bit bland at times. The day to day living from work, to home, to paying your bills and even going to the gym may seem a bit mundane. Often, we’re left wondering about what could possibly be astonishing about life. I think the issue isn’t that your life is too ordinary, but rather we have the wrong view of the ordinary. Our perception of what is to be amazing has been skewed and we should learn to view things in a different way.

Here’s how to do it.

First, maximize your relationship with God. If you’re a Christ-follower, you have to understand something pretty amazing – you have relationship with the God who created you. You have been divinely designed to play a specific role in the whole story of life and only you can fulfill that part. Our perspective about the day today needs to shift from viewing life in a natural way to viewing it as God sees it. In other words, you have the opportunity every day to see the world through His lenses.

Second, you have been intentionally placed where you are for a specific reason. The people in your life are not there by accident. The people you meet or have relationships with are within your sphere of influence for a purpose. You have the opportunity to speak life to them and help them develop their divine design. You’re not an accident and neither is the environment that you are in. You have unlimited potential to shape the world around you by implementing your strengths, talents and abilities.

Third, understand that the potential for extraordinary is in the ordinary.  I’m a big believer in excellence. If you’re going to do something, then do it well. Whenever you come across a task or an opportunity, it is a moment where you can do it better than it needs to be done. Excellence is the little something that sets things apart from the ordinary. No wonder Jesus talks about going the extra mile. It’s because we’re called to serve others and do our tasks beyond the call of duty. That’s how Jesus lived, let’s follow His example.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope these few ideas encouraged you to start viewing the ordinary a little differently. God has designed you for a great purpose and you fill it everyday in an extraordinary way when you give it all you got. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to drop me a few lines. Have a great day!