The trap you might not know caught you


[vimeo id="103729082"] Let’s say you start a project and you finish it and review and realize that it wasn’t finished. You make the changes, review it, and find that you could change something else. You repeat the process over and over again until you get frustrated and completely give up on the whole thing and never finish it.

If this is you, I’d say you’re suffering from a severe case of – perfectionism.

We have a tendency to want things to be absolutely perfect before we slap the finished sign on the product. We want final piece to be flawless because we’re putting our name on it, and we never want to come across as a failure. However, the reality is that if this fear dictates your productivity, you will never finish anything.

So what do we need to do?

I think we need to train ourselves to approach each project as a living project and not something that’s finished. We need to view projects and products as ideas that can always be improved.

Think if Apple decided to not release the iPhone until it was ‘perfect.’ Do you think they would ever release a product? I think they know that there will be glitches in each new product. They know that problems will arise because creating something new will always produce a new set of circumstances. It will always develop a new reality that will need to be dealt with. This is the idea of progress.

We should learn to apply this same principle to our projects, and understand that we’re never finished innovating and creating something new because perfection ultimately is unattainable. It’s when we stop innovating and changing – even ourselves – that we start to die.

You may sustain for some time, but the ultimate result is death or irrelevance.

Death is the end of change. Leaders and organizations who are effective have understood this concept. Change and innovation are the lifeline of an organization, a product, and an idea.

Stop trying to make things perfect, but make them as excellent as possible and then let it go. Things will never be perfect. You will always find things to improve and to change for the better.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope I challenged and encouraged you today in whatever phase of life you’re navigating. If you have any ideas about today’s post, please feel free to respond below.