Trimming Branches


[vimeo id="136467908"] You know, when we talk about growing businesses or organizations – or even ourselves – we often think about ways we can expand or boost our profits. But one aspect of growth that many people miss is the process of pruning. In John 15, Jesus states that any branch that doesn’t bear fruit will be cut off, and the other branches will be trimmed so they can prosper more abundantly. Jesus is giving us a great organizational principle: personal and organizational growth always require pruning. So let’s look at three ways we can achieve growth through pruning.

First, we need consistent feedback loops. We often miss this implied principle in Jesus’ teaching, but let me ask you, “How would a gardener know something needs pruning unless they’re consistently checking?” How do you know if you need to prune something either in your life or in your organization? Do you have a system of a regular check-ups in place? If not, think about bringing in an independent party to examine your organization and its operations.

The next thing is to remove the unproductive areas of our lives or organizations. Now what do we mean by “unproductive.” Well, quite literally something that “bears no fruit” or has no positive impact on our lives or organizations. So recreation that helps you rest and recover would be a productive branch, whereas certain reoccurring meetings or tasks may be completely useless to you and just drain your energy.

Finally, even our most productive activities could use some trimming. Once you’ve found something that works for your organization, you will always be tempted to turn on your cruise control and coast with it, but Jesus tells us to do something different. He embraces a no-fear attitude that is innovative and willing to try new things. We should encourage creativity in our own lives and in our organizations and always try to do things better. So don’t be afraid to trim or prune areas of your life! It’s just part of life’s adventure.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you’ve been encouraged and are better equipped to fulfill God’s Divine Design for you. Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!