Turning Around


[vimeo id="140966588"] You know, there’s always a time in our lives when we want to change something. Sometimes it’s something you want to change. Other times it’s something that needs to change even though you really don’t want it to. The problem is the human law of inertia resists every change you try to make. So what’s the best way to overcome your natural resistance to change? Well, here are a few ideas.

First of all, you have to identify the need. This can be a personal goal you want to achieve like learning a new language. Maybe you’re a student who needs to develop better study habits. Whatever the need is, you should be as specific as possible. Write down exactly what needs to change in your life and why.

Secondly, have a clear picture of success. What does the end result look like? How do you want to feel when you reach your goal? Write down a couple of key adjectives that describe the long-term benefits. The more clearly you define success, the more motivated you will be to see this through.

Next, strategize how you’re going to reach your goal. You need a plan of attack that gradually builds to your goal through measurable steps. You won’t achieve the change tomorrow. But you can take a step towards it each day. The key here is to have a way to measure your progress along with smaller target goals that keep generating bigger and bigger wins.

The next step is to implement your plan. This is of course the hard part for most people. But if you have a good strategy, this can be pretty straightforward. You know, our tendency as humans is to always resist change. So make it a priority to do that one thing in your plan first. Think to yourself, “If I only do one thing today, this needs to be it.” After a while, you’ll find it a lot easier to keep up with your plan on a daily basis.

Lastly, evaluate yourself at regular intervals. How much progress have you made? Do you need to change your strategy? Are you beginning to realize your picture of success? Write down two or three of the biggest changes you’re experiencing. How do those changes make you feel? The key to regular evaluations is to track your progress so you can celebrate wins and fine-tune your plan.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you’ve been encouraged by this post. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments you have below. Thanks again, and have a great day!