Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job


As president of a university, I have a lot of conversations with students preparing to enter today’s workforce. While each story is unique, most of the students I speak with have one thing in common: They want to find their dream job as soon as they graduate. Whether you think this is realistic or not, my goal has always been to help them think through their giftedness and passions to help them succeed in whatever they do.

In my post last week, I talked about how business is changing. One thing that has served as a catalyst for this change is social media, something that is almost innate for university students.

Most students know how to use social media to connect with friends, stay informed about the latest trends or topics, and share about their lives. However, many haven’t considered how to use it to land that dream job.

Social media can play a huge part in whether or not you’re chosen for a job because more companies are monitoring applicant’s social media profiles. The reality is that your Twitter account could be the thing that lands you the dream job you’ve always wanted.

I recently came across this post with 11 tips for using social media to land your dream job. Here are three ideas that were shared in the post, along with some thoughts on how university students can use them:

Make your profiles full of useful content. If you’re like most university students, your Facebook and Twitter profiles consist of things you like (i.e., bands, sports teams, television shows, etc.). However, the last time I checked, an employer didn’t hire someone because they liked the Black Keys. If future employees are going to be checking your social media profiles anyway, why not impress them by sharing content that shows you’re passionate and knowledgeable about the industry?

Like the article states: “Employers are much more likely to be impressed with a profile featuring links to useful information, rather than a post telling the world what you did last weekend.”

Create a customized website. This is something that will definitely help you stand out above other applicants applying for a position. By creating a website that houses your resume, portfolio, and any other “wow projects” you’ve worked on, you’ll be able to show that you’re willing to think creatively and go the extra mile to land a job. It can be something as simple as an page or a full-blown website.

Find out who the decision makers are and contact them. The thing I love about Twitter is that you can easily find and connect with anyone in the world. If there’s a specific organization you want to work for, why not use Twitter to your advantage? How can you find out who the decision makers are and contact them in a way that gets a response? It’s pretty simple:

1. Visit the organization’s website and identify two to three people on the team who might be decision makers. It could be someone as high up as the CEO, a vice president, someone in HR, or someone in a specific field you’re studying like marketing or communication.

2. Search for their Twitter accounts and follow them.

3. If you like what they share, RT them or start a conversation.

4. Reach out to them asking for nine minutes of their time to talk about what they do, whether by phone, in person, or video-chat.

5. Tell them why you’re contacting them and what you love about the organization.

6. Continue to cultivate that relationship through social media or in-person interactions.

Most of the time, getting hired is all about who you know. With social media, you now have the opportunity to “know” someone within the organization who could have direct influence on who is hired for your position.

How are you using social media to make a greater impact? What are some other creative ideas you can implement to use social media to land your dream job?