"Ugly" Foundations


[vimeo id="128881183"] As a university president, one of the great joys is expanding your campus. Just this summer, we opened a new building for our Natural Health and Sciences Department. It’s a gorgeous building that was beautifully designed to complement our unique campus. But I remember when it was just a large slab of cement without walls and dirty bulldozers surrounding it. It was an unattractive blot on our university’s beautiful landscape. Here’s the thing, though, without that ugly foundation, there would never be a new good looking building. Life is very much the same. Our great achievements are built upon the foundation of gritty daily tasks. Here are a few “ugly” foundations that we need in our lives.

First, we need a daily commitment to do the mundane tasks of life. There’s no glory in washing dishes or vacuuming the carpet. However, if you ignore these chores, you’ll reap the consequences of dirty living conditions. This may not seem like a big deal, but remember that God calls all leaders to have “their house in order.” That is both a spiritual and physical command. Why? Because it demonstrates faithfulness even in the smallest of things that God calls us to steward.

Second, we need to be dedicated to encouraging others in small achievements. It’s a fact that our greatest achievements are built on small successes. This is true in teams and in our friendships. If you want to be part of someone’s big triumph, then you need to be a part of their little wins. This means that we need to be constantly encouraging others to get to work on time, to send an email out on time, or even work out with them on a consistent basis. Doing even these kinds of little things will posture you and others to truly discover the fullness of their Divine Design.

Lastly, we need a daily routine of communion with God. This is the most important foundation. So many of us want to be the next D. L. Moody, but none of us want to get up in the morning and read Leviticus 17. We want to call down fire from heaven, but we don’t want to get on our knees in the dark interceding for our family. We want God to call us to save China, but we don’t want to obey Him when He tells us to stay in our church. We want the glamorous achievements, but God wants us to lay the “ugly” foundations.

Let’s remember to be faithful with the little things in our life. Let’s do a good job of stewarding those ugly foundations and one day God will reveal his masterpiece in you.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope these words are a comfort to you as you continue to discover God’s Divine Design for your life. Please feel free to share any comments below! Thanks again and have a