Visionary Habits


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Let me ask you a question: what direction would a person think you were headed if they spent a typical day with you? In other words, what is the vision that your daily habits are reflecting? You might find it difficult to think of brewing your daily coffee or leaving five minutes early for work as being “visionary.” However, John Maxwell, in a recent blog, says that he can discern the direction of your life in 24 hours. In the blog, John discusses a few ideas about how your daily habits determine your future direction. I’ll discuss them with you along with some of my own thoughts.

First, your habits stem from your convictions. Each day, you have dozens of habits and routines. Perhaps you prep your coffee machine before you go to bed so you can just push a button early next morning. Perhaps you make sure to touch base with a co-worker at least once a day. None of these decisions are life-changing in of themselves. However, you develop habits based off of personal convictions. Your coffee prep may stem from a conviction to start the day in an orderly fashion. Your connection with a co-worker may come from the desire to be a positive influence in whatever environment you’re in. The convictions are visionary even if the habits they manifest in don’t appear to be.

Second, your habits show a visionary mindset. Visionary leadership requires a “pay now, play later” attitude. Your choices today will create your future circumstances. What you do before work, during work, and after work demonstrate your mindset towards the future. Do your habits revolve around paying now for a future harvest? Or do they revolve around instant gratification at the expense of your future dreams?

Lastly, your habits are preparation for your dreams. Where you draw your energy says a lot about your attitude towards your dreams. After a long day at work, do you decompress or do you re-energize? Many people maintain a habit of decompressing by switching off their brain at the end of the day. Their aim is to relax and rest so that they can face tomorrow. Others routinely re-energize themselves by strategizing on how to realize their future dreams. Their goal is to breathe life into their present job by envisioning the future success. One is focused on surviving in the present. The other is focused on thriving in the future. What are your habits preparing you for?

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I trust this will help empower you to make daily choices to discover your Divine Design. Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day!