The only way you can miss God's will


[vimeo id="82044879"] One of the biggest reasons we want to know God’s will for our life is so that we don’t miss it. We believe that if we can just know God’s will, our future will be secure and God will be pleased. We stress about choosing a college, selecting a job, marrying a spouse, pursuing a career, or moving to a new place because we don’t want to miss God’s will.

I talk all the time with college students and even older leaders who are still so worried about missing God’s will for their life. Looking back at my own personal journey and learning from the experience of other leaders, I believe there’s only one way you can miss God’s will for your life.

The only way to miss God’s will is…

to say “no.”

If you do not get in the practice of saying yes, you will miss the adventure that will make you into the person you dream of becoming. There is no great accomplishment that comes without a great price. And the greatest pain that comes from saying yes is the act of leaving where you are today.

If you’re worried about missing God’s will for your life, the only way to make sure you don’t is to keep saying “yes.” The most significant act we can do in any given moment is to say yes.

·      Say yes to the call to adventure that is before you.

·      Say yes todiscovering your divine design.

·      Say yes to a life that allows you to journey through it with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

The older you get, the more complicated this becomes. Yet the stakes are not any lower for those who accept the call to adventure at a young age. I’m not necessarily talking about the need to sell everything and move into a cave to meditate the rest of your life. What I’m talking about will undoubtedly result in life change, but it may be something only experienced within.

Is there an invitation waiting right in front of you that could be God’s will for your life? Have you not realized it because you keep saying no?