A few ways to maximize your time while single


[vimeo id="103728516"] You know, a lot of people don’t realize the opportunities they have available to them while single. There are plenty of things to knock-off your bucket list before you tie the knot. Here are some ideas from relevant magazine along with a few of my own suggestions.

First, travel, travel, and travel. Let’s face it; traveling is much easier to do when you don’t have a family to take care of. When you’re single, this is a great way to spend your free time – even if it’s only a day trip here and there. Now, traveling overseas is even better. This is a great eye opening experience which will broaden your worldview and give you a greater understanding of how other countries and cultures function. You’ll also learn a lot about what makes you, you.

Second, saving money. This is something that many single people struggle with because it’s much easier to spend on you than to put it away into savings. Here’s a thought, change the way you view saving and consider it as if you we’re spending it on yourself. Take one hundred bucks a month and put it in a retirement account and you’ll have a nice sum saved up by the time you retire.

Third, get your schooling done. Getting your education done while married is definitely doable. In fact, I did most of my graduate work after I was married. However, these days it’s a lot easier getting your education finished while your single. You have a freer schedule to fit all of your classes in and even take time to develop your professional portfolio with some internships. Also, you can study some extra subjects that you always wanted to learn. The point is that your schedule will definitely be more flexible.

Fourth, spend time serving. You know serving is a huge privilege that single people can definitely find time to do. This is not something you do for you, but it’s for the people or organizations that you chose to give your time. I think it’s important to understand the power of serving to help other people and organizations achieve their goals and ambitions. Dedicate your time to a cause that you believe in and go for it!

Being single has great opportunities for you to explore and experience life in a way that married people aren’t able to experience. It’s imperative to keep this in mind as you navigate your bachelor or bachelorette years. Keep your eyes open for more than that potential spouse.

What are some things you enjoyed as a single person? What advice would you give to all the single people out there? I’d love to hear your ideas, so please drop a few lines below. Have a great day!