What Leaders Learn from Kids


[vimeo id="138780835"] You know, one reason many people like Jesus so much is because of His love for kids. Jesus even said that we have to become like children to be effective in our faith and life. Effective people always push the boundaries of the status-quo and I think Jesus understood that kids have huge potential for dreaming and innovating beyond what’s possible. I think leaders can learn a lot from this idea. Here are few lessons that leaders can take away from kids.

First of all, child-like imagination fosters adult-level innovation. Children have a huge capacity to dream! For some reason, as we get older, that capacity slowly dwindles till we can no longer “think outside the box.” We grow more accustomed to how the world is and lose sight of what it could be. As leaders, we can risk becoming stagnant and irrelevant unless we keep dreaming and thinking. We need to understand that our imagination is directly linked to our innovation. So we need to continue to keep our imagination alive.

This leads to the second point, children believe anything is possible.A child believes they can be an Olympic runner, the next President of the United States, or even learn how to fly. The word impossible doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. The same should be true in leadership. No obstacle is impossible to overcome. No goal is too great to be reached. Never accept something is impossible! All the one’s who refuse to accept the status quo are the ones that change the world.

Lastly, children have no reservations about being passionate. If a kid is happy, you know it. If they’re sad, you’ll see it. If they’re angry, you’ll hear about it. They have no filter between their emotions and their responses. Now effective leaders need to have an effective level of emotional intelligence to  filter their thoughts -- especially when things are difficult. But if you’re excited about a project or your organization’s success, let it show! If people see that your passion, they’ll get behind you and get excited about your organization’s mission.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you’ve been encouraged as you continue to discover your own unique Divine Design. Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Thanks again, and have a great day!