When Exile Is Easy


[vimeo id="128895016"] We all know that everyone makes mistakes and that those mistakes have consequences on us and in our communities. It’s just part of life. It’s a part of the journey of a leader. However, to be a really effective leader, you have to deal with failures and their costs. It can be really hard sometimes because, like Adam in the Garden of Eden, we want to run away and shift the blame. We will tend to isolate ourselves and hide. Let me tell you, running is the worst thing a leader can do. Here are three reasons exiling yourself from your community is an unhealthy way of dealing with mistakes.

First, your problems will follow you. It’s like lost baggage when you’ve been flying, it will eventually get forwarded on to where you live (at least, we hope it will). But likewise, if you run from a community to avoid discipline or consequences, you will bring those same problems to your new community. There is no “fresh start” that way. The only path to begin a clean slate is to deal with the issues which sometimes requires confrontation.

Second, the consequences don’t go away. You may escape the immediate costs, but someone else will pay for them. There will always be “collateral damage” because your choices never just affect you. But when you separate yourself, you prevent reconciliation. The damage to your relationship with the community becomes more permanent. The best way to mitigate consequences is by having the courage to just say “Hey, I messed up.” You might be surprised by the forgiveness your community will extend to you.

Lastly, if you run once, you’ll run again. The travesty of running from an issue is that it begins to form a habit. Once you start escaping from consequences instead of dealing with problems, you will keep doing it for smaller and smaller things. Your problems will keep following you, so you will keep separating yourself from each community. Instead of being an exile from one community, you slowly become a nomad without one. So don’t run from the situation however difficult it may be. Face it head on!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope this has helped empower you to fulfill your Divine Design and become an effective leader! Please feel free to share any comments below! Thanks again and have a great day!