Who Is Your Judge?


[vimeo id="128894151"] A lot of people these days are quoting Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” We often use it when we are involved with something that other people might look down on whether or not it’s silly or something serious. However, I think we miss the point of this verse. It’s not about judging; it’s about who is the Judge. Here are some thoughts on who shouldn’t judge us and who should.

First, we shouldn’t be our own judge. When we become the sole authority in our lives, we often do one of two things. Either we excuse every action we take, or we find fault with everything we do. The issue with being your own judge is that you aren’t perfect. C. S. Lewis once said that all humanity knows two things: there is a Moral Law, and they have broken it. Now, there’s a difference between judging and reflecting. We should always reflect and evaluate our actions and develop ways to improve, but we should never condemn ourselves to hopelessness because of mistakes. We should build to improve ourselves.

Second, we shouldn’t allow others to be our judge. The issue is that people are just like you. They are imperfect, and their beliefs change over time. However, most of us allow certain people to behave as a judge in our life in some way. This can be a good thing IF it’s in a context of an accountability group. But most of the time, it makes us insecure or doubt ourselves. Accountability should create confidence and security in your divine design. Judging on the other hand will reaffirm our insecurities, but we need to be affirmed in our strengths.

Lastly, we should accept God as our Judge. Whether we want it or not, there is only one person we will be held accountable to. This can be both comforting and sobering. God holds us to a perfect and blameless standard and He can do that because He Himself is perfect. However, God also gives us endless grace, and since He is the one we are accountable to, His grace is far more important and more powerful than the judgments that others might place on us.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you are encouraged and empowered by these words! Please feel free to share any comments below! Thanks again and have a great day!