Workaholics Anonymous


[vimeo id="128878610"] One of the greatest things we struggle with in America is working too much. I often find myself in a constant state of busyness. Even when I get home, I usually have a large stack of emails to go through. But the question is are all of these hours actually producing anything? LinkedIn recently published an article on the difference between a high-producer and a workaholic. Here are a few of the differences along with my own thoughts.

First of all, workaholics use “busy-ness” to hide their insecurity. At the heart of a workaholic’s addiction is the belief that they aren’t valuable to their community. They suffer from chronic job insecurity, so they feel they must continually look busy. They believe the busier they are, the more important they are. The more important they are, the less likely they will be replaced.

This leads to my second point, workaholics allow others to determine their value. Because they lack security in their own identity, workaholics look for validation through others. Instead of having objective “feedback loops,” they rely on the subjective opinions of coworkers. Nothing gives them more pleasure than to hear someone say, “Wow, you are always busy,” or “I don’t know anyone who is as busy as you are.” But a workaholic never knows whether that “busy-ness” is actually producing anything, which continues to make them insecure.

This brings us to the last point, workaholics try to give 110% all of the time. If your busy-ness is your measure of worth, you will try to give all you have all the time. But the idea you can always give “110%” is a myth. You can’t sustain it. It becomes a vicious cycle of working too much which leads to burnout. Burnout brings guilt, and that guilt will drive you to work too much again.

Always remember that a healthy, high-producer knows there are times when you have to give everything, but most of the time you don’t. Use those low-intensity times to strategize for the high-intensity periods ahead.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope these words have encouraged you and empower you on your journey to discover your Divine Design! Please feel free to share any comments below! Thanks again and have a great day!