You Can’t Fake Your Way Through Life

Children have an amazing ability to dream. My kids were constantly obsessed with different roles and jobs as they were growing up. One day they wanted to be a doctor. The next week they wanted to be a police officer. No matter what, my wife and I constantly encouraged them to chase their dreams because we knew that would be where they would ultimately find happiness and fulfillment.

Something happens as we grow up. That innocent belief that you can do anything and be anyone slowly disappears. I’m not sure exactly when it happens. I do know it fades so slowly that it’s likely you’ll wake up one day and forget it was ever there. And if you’re not careful, letting that happen will rob you of your desire to reach for the impossible.


The net result of a life lived that is less than what you are capable of is one that is unfilled, unsatisfied, and full of unrealized potential. You were created for more. And no matter how far along you are in life, there is still time to accept your great adventure.

If you are someone who ...

·      Wants more out of life than just a job.

·      Believes you were created to accomplish something special and unique.

·      Desires to find a way to leave your mark on the world in a meaningful way

… then you must stop doing this. Right now.

What should you stop doing? Stop faking your way through life. All the self-talk in the world will never silence that still, small voice within you that serves as a reminder you were made more for than just going through the motions.

The students who come to Southeastern are still young enough to believe anything is possible. Their energy, focus, and determination is inspiring. It reminds me that life was intended to be lived in pursuit of what captures our imagination and grips our soul.

When I get the opportunity to sit down with them and listen to their life story, it’s clear they have passion. They aren't sure how it will play out. They aren't sure how they will fund it. But most have a clear and compelling mission in life. My encouragement to them is never to let that passion evaporate. It's when you allow distractions and discouragement to chip away at your passion that you begin to settle for less than what you were created to accomplish.


Successful people aren’t any different from you. They simply understand the source of what drives and motivates them to push through the resistance to achieve what is most important to them. You must never lose sight of this, no matter how dark or dangerous your path becomes.

What does it mean to fake your way through life?

·      You give up your dreams because you think they are impossible.

·      You allow the expectations of others to set your boundaries.

·      You settle for less than what you know you can accomplish.

If that’s you, don’t beat yourself up. That’s the last thing you need to do. Instead, you need to recognize you were not meant to fake your way through life. If you recognize this, you will be able to sustain the energy needed to accomplish something truly significant and meaningful.


If you know you’re faking your way through life, what do you do now?

·      Start believing in yourself again. No one can do this for you.

·      Grab a notebook and start writing down what would have to change for you to stopping faking your way through life. Get it out of your head and onto paper. It may seem tedious, but it helps make it tangible and real.

·      Find a mentor, pastor, or coach to establish a source of encouragement and accountability as you plan some massive changes in your life. Everyone needs someone like this in their life.

·      Take one step toward your destiny every day. Life is not a sprint but a test of endurance.

No matter where you are in life, you can decide today to reconnect with your passion and find the drive and motivation you need to make your mark on the world. I believe you were created to solve a unique problem in the world. The world needs you to fulfill your destiny.

One of the benefits of my job is I get to travel and meet lots of successful people in a variety of jobs, roles, and industries. Those who rise to the top aren’t necessarily the most skilled or even the most knowledgeable. Sure, some had some help from their family or hit a lucky break. But that will only get you so far. You are the one who determines your success. So those who rise to the top clearly intended to end up there.

That could be you. I believe in you. And so do many others. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, hold onto that until you can believe in yourself and have confidence you possess everything you need to take the next step toward the abundant life. You can’t fake your way through life, so reconnect with the dreams, desires, drive, and motivation coded in you and brought to life at the moment of your birth. Whether you are an accountant, builder, business professional, pastor, or educator, a life lived to the fullest is a life that is fully lived. Don’t settle for anything less.

CHALLENGE: Write down what you hoped to accomplish in life as a child and teenager. How does that match up with where you are in life today? If you’re on track, who can you help experience the same thing? If you’ve been sidetracked and are faking your way through life, what would have to be true for that to change? Turn those steps in an action plan, assign dates, and find someone who will help hold you accountable to reaching your goals and living out your destiny.