5 Ways Breaks Can Be Launchpads

With summer approaching, many of us may be looking to take some much-needed time off. Breaks help us recharge and prevent burnout. However, they can also help us get ahead.

According to Psychology Today, breaks can prevent ‘decision fatigue’ and restore motivation for long-term goals. Even short breaks throughout the day can give us powerful bursts of energy.

While it is important to relax and enjoy time off, breaks also provide us with the perfect opportunity to be more productive. They can help us renew our purpose or even grow our potential. What if we saw breaks as launchpads?

Here are five ways breaks can be launchpads:

  1. Resting Up – First and foremost, breaks are times set aside for rest and relaxation. Before we can be productive, even during our time off, we must take a breather — both physically and emotionally. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, it may be hard for some of us to truly relax when we are so familiar with the grind. We can give ourselves a change of pace by taking trips, spending time with our families and friends, or reading books.
  2. Fixing Habits – Our work schedules can easily become hectic, and despite our best intentions, our healthy habits often fall by the wayside. We may even adopt bad habits due to stress. While breaks are a great time to have fun and leave our routines behind, we can also take this chance to establish and stick to healthy habits. This will help us remain consistent when we return to work.
  3. Catching Up – Breaks give us the perfect chance to catch up on all the things that may have taken a back seat in the busyness of life. This may mean finishing up half-completed projects or dealing with emotional aftermaths. Breaks give us the opportunity to take a breath and assess what we need to accomplish. Just remember, every step counts. We don’t have to conquer everything on our to-do lists to be productive.
  4. Setting Goals – Breaks give us time to think ahead. When we are caught up in the chaos of work, it can be difficult to picture long-term goals. This can be an opportune time for us to set new objectives. Setting goals is important to keep us energized and enthusiastic about our work. Sometimes we need breaks in order to re-evaluate our plans and discover new ways to accomplish them.
  5. Gearing Up – Last but not least, breaks allow for preparation. Think of them as pit stops in life that allow us to recover and get back on track. Many of us may need this time to prepare emotionally or strategically for the season ahead. Whether or not we realize it, we may need an emotional recharge to think clearly in the upcoming season.

Breaks are more than just gaps in our work schedule. They provide the perfect opportunity for us to refocus and prepare for what’s ahead. Instead of seeing breaks as time to do nothing, we need to evaluate how they can be a catalyst for change in our work life.