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Framework Leadership

Amazing things don't happen just because of a great idea. They happen because someone takes that great idea and inspires others with it. In Framework Leadership, Kent Ingle creates a framework of suggestions that provide clarity, direction, and purpose to transform your vision into reality.
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9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership

Leadership doesn't just happen. Learn to live the way God wants you to live by building habits that will activate your divine design. This systematic plan for personal discipline will help you reach new heights of success by aligning your behavior with your values.
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Made for More

One of the greatest issues facing the church today is whether those who identify as “Christians” will become genuine disciples of Christ. Within this context, a troubling trend emerges where a considerable number of individuals who profess Christianity remain swayed by conviction, yet fail to fully commit themselves to the person, the teachings and the mission of Jesus Christ.

The Modern Guide to College

Your guide for scholarships, admissions, finances, social life, learning, location, campus culture and safety, determining your major, extracurricular activities, finding a job, what to do with your summers, changing majors, internships, stewardship, making friends, building character, online degrees, good grades, graduation, lifetime-learning, faculty, graduate school, and self-discovery.

This Adventure Called Life

In This Adventure Called Life, Kent unpacks the steps of the creative process that God has divinely designed into the journey of life. The book explores God’s ongoing handiwork in us to develop and refine the strengths and gifts of our divine design. The adventure can begin now. You must gather the courage to embark on that new journey and dream big – just like a young child at grandma’s, waking up to a new day and a new adventure.