College Christmas Shopping 101: 7 Gifts That Are Sure To Please

Finding the perfect gift for your college student may seem stressful as Christmas inches closer. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, it’s not too late to get your student stocking stuffers or gifts that will complement their college experience.

Although you might have already asked them to create a wish list, you should also consider buying them a few gifts that aren’t on their list.

Here are seven gift ideas for your college student.

1. Freshen up their dorm room – Certain scents can help your student feel like they are home. If they can’t have candles in their dorm rooms, consider getting them a diffuser or a candle wax warmer with some of their favorite scents. To help them feel more comfortable, think about buying them a weighted blanket or a soft throw. Or consider decor to spruce up their dorm room and make it feel more like their room at home.

2. Keep them organized and focused – Whether it’s for classes or their dorm room, you can help them stay organized and on top of their schedules when they head back in the spring. A new planner can keep your student stay on track and is sure to be appreciated. Think about getting them a hardcover notebook or a journal with inspirational quotes. To help them finish the year strong, consider buying them a backpack or a bag that they can use in a professional setting and not just for going to classes. These types of gifts could be just what they need to help them feel ready to conquer their final semester of the year.

3. Help them save on the little things – Think about getting them a coffee maker, French press or cold brew maker so they can save a few extra bucks. Or help make their morning routine easier by buying them an egg cooker that’s simple to plug in and doesn’t require a stove. That way if they don’t like the food in the cafeteria or they’re in a rush, they can feel like they are eating a home-cooked meal and avoid going out. Maybe even add in a few gift cards to some of their favorite restaurants so they can enjoy a meal out.

4. Update their technology – New headphones could be just what they need to stay focused on their school work or to use on their morning walk to class. If that’s out of your budget, think about getting them a streaming device for their TV (such as a Fire Stick, Apple TV or Roku) or paying for a subscription to a streaming service for the year. Another option could be a smart home device for their dorm room so they can listen to music, set an alarm or even connect their electronics to it. You may also want to consider something as simple as a long phone charger if their plug is far from their bed.

5. Add to their wardrobe – While they are in college, they are probably trying to save every paycheck they can. One way you can contribute to your student’s success is by buying them professional clothing or shoes. No matter what year they are in school, they will need business clothes for job interviews or internship opportunities. In addition to this, think about getting them a pair of comfortable slippers or sandals to slip on and relax in after a long day of classes. You may want to consider buying them a nice carry-on bag or suitcase if they plan to travel to see you or want to participate in a study abroad program.

6. Encourage healthy habits – While balancing homework, friends and a job, it can be difficult for college students to make fitness a priority. However, as studies have shown, their health is crucial for academic success. You can encourage them to stay healthy by getting them an electronic activity tracker, which will help them keep track of fitness and may keep them motivated to continue to work out. New workout clothes or tennis shoes can also inspire your college student to get started on a new fitness routine. Other options could be an online fitness subscription or a gym membership for the semester.

7. Spur them to create memories – Your child’s time in college will most likely be one of the most memorable times in their life as they make lifelong friends and pursue an education in a field they are passionate about. Consider buying something that will encourage them to capture their time with friends and on campus. A great option is a Polaroid instant camera, so they can have physical pictures of their favorite moments at college. Another idea is a smartphone portable printer they can easily put in their backpack. This way they can print pictures directly from their cell phones and hang them around their room.

The perfect gift will look different for every college student. As a parent, you can narrow down what you want to get them by understanding what they might need in college. But, make sure not all of your gifts are centered around their academics. Make it a priority to find your child a gift that will encourage them to spend time relaxing and enjoying their favorite hobbies.