Getting into Your Field: 6 Places to Start Your Job Search

A recent college graduate holds up her resume and smiles as she begins her job search

Graduation is an exciting time of transitions and new opportunities. Recent graduates experience sudden changes in their everyday life, from their living situations to their communities. Responsibilities like student loans, rent and bills become a reality. 

Students can feel pressured to quickly find a job. Unfamiliarity with the application process and the ocean of job listings can seem daunting for any first-time applicant. Many graduates want to get into their career field right away – but they don’t know where to start. However, there are plenty of resources available with tools and insights to help you along the way. 

Here are six places to begin your job search.

1. LinkedIn

Think of this site as the social media of the professional world. Through LinkedIn, users can connect with new professionals and coworkers, follow businesses, post content and even react to other peoples’ posts. Members can attend online events like seminars or workshops and even apply for jobs. 

Consider creating an account and keeping it up to date with your work experience and education. Stay actively engaged with past and former employers and look for new ways to connect with individuals in your desired field. 

2. Indeed

This website serves as a direct go-between for companies and job-seekers. Indeed allows users to upload resumes, search, save and apply for jobs in a number of fields. Users can search by career and see benefits and average salaries, along with a list of companies that hire in that field. Indeed offers valuable insights into companies’ salary ranges, industry hiring rates and company reviews by employees. They also have a blog featuring resume templates and other helpful content for new graduates. 


This site has numerous tools tailored for new graduates, including a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough on how to apply for your first job. Monster takes you through the resume-building and application process with helpful articles and videos for how to succeed in each area. 

Monster also helps you find a new career through their job search tool. They offer advanced search options that give insights based on your experience, education and desired salary to help narrow down your job search.

4. Campus Resources

Many colleges offer on-campus resources to help students enter the workforce after graduation. At Southeastern University, the COMPASS department offers a variety of ways for students to get career-ready, from mock interviews to resume workshops. COMPASS’ Handshake network is a place where students can find new jobs or apply for internships. They also help graduates make connections with mentors in their career field, local businesses and churches through events like Career Week and Engage Church Expo.

5. Your Connections

Consider reaching out to people in your desired field, such as past professors, trusted mentors or active professionals. They may be aware of job openings or be able to point you in the right direction. Their insights in the field can also be invaluable, as they already have years of experience actively working in your intended career field. 

6. Face-to-Face Applications

One of the best ways to start your job search is by applying in person. Of course, this isn’t always possible if you are applying online or for an out-of-state position. But if you’re applying in person or locally, it’s beneficial to follow up face-to-face. 

Consider bringing your updated resume along with the application. Put your best foot forward by being well dressed and prepared. Don’t be afraid to talk with the manager; face-to-face connections are always more personable and memorable than just dropping off an application. 

No matter how you start your job search, be sure to give your best. Whether it’s making a phone inquiry, sending an email, or applying through a job site, always be polished and prepared. Keep your resume up to date and be ready to answer questions in a personable and professional way. Showing you care in the early stages of the application process is a great way to make yourself memorable and show that you are ready for a full-time position.

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