3 Ways to Talk About Your Faith in the Workplace

A Christian shares her faith in the workplace by talking about Christ with her coworker.

As Christians, we are instructed to share our faith with those around us. We are called to be salt and light in the world and to lead others to Christ through our love, words and actions. Oftentimes, it can be challenging to know how to do that, especially in our workplaces.

Talking about our relationship with Christ needs to start on a personal level. By being intentional in our relationship with Christ and in our relationships with others, we can be better equipped to share our faith in the workplace, show his love to those around us and be prepared for opportunities when they arise.

Here are three ways to show Christ in the workplace.

1. Let it happen naturally. 

When wanting to talk about your faith in the workplace, it can be easy to try to force a conversation or feel anxious about saying the wrong thing. Doing so can make sharing your faith feel awkward or rehearsed, or make you feel undue pressure. 

Instead, let the conversation happen naturally. Pray for your coworkers and for a chance to share with them, then be open to talking about your faith at any time. Look for opportunities to show Christ, whether it’s in offering to pray for a sick or anxious coworker, answering questions as they come up or sharing how Christ has made a difference in your life. 

2. Share from your experience. 

Being authentic is one of the most impactful things you can do when you go to talk about your faith in the workplace. People are looking for honesty and openness, so being vulnerable goes a long way. 

Share about your personal experiences with Christ. Don’t hesitate to talk about how Christ got you through a difficult time, answered prayers and made a difference in your life. When you can be genuine, you show them that Christ is real in your life and can be there for them as well.

3. Build authentic relationships. 

It’s important to celebrate when you have opportunities to share your testimony, but don’t let that be the end of your conversations. Instead, look for ways to be there for those around you.

Be intentional about having genuine relationships with your coworkers. Make yourself available if anyone wants to talk, needs prayer or just needs someone to listen. Ask how you can support or encourage them and then follow through when opportunities arise. Oftentimes, just being there to listen and show that you care speaks volumes about your faith.

How you live and treat others is the most powerful testimony of Christ’s love that you can give. Be intentional about making time in your day to talk to God, read His Word, pray for your coworkers and invite Him into your day. Then, when opportunities arise, be confident knowing that God will give you the words to say and will show his love through you.