3 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Leadership

A young female business leader smiles with gratitude for her team

We all know that being grateful is important in our personal lives — but it can also make a major difference in your workplace and in your leadership. 

Being thankful for things in your life (whether it be your employees, your job or even your house) will help you to have a more positive outlook and open you up to many benefits that will ultimately strengthen your leadership, your team and your organization. So how can gratitude transform your leadership?

1.Improve your mental health.

Studies have shown that individuals who regularly express gratitude (like by keeping a gratitude journal) experience less symptoms of anxiety and depression, and have better sleep and overall well-being. 

By incorporating thankfulness into your leadership and encouraging your team to do the same, you and your team will be more productive, have better physical and mental health, and be less prone to burnout. As a leader, you’ll feel more capable to lead your team effectively and authentically, and your team will feel more supported and at ease around you.   

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2. Strengthen your team.

The MIT Sloan Management Review found that employees value recognition more than their salaries, with more employees quitting due to a lack of appreciation than a lack of pay. Similarly, employees who feel appreciated are more likely to be highly engaged in their work, according to the Quantum Workplace.

A simple thank-you can go a long way with your team. It will help them feel valued and appreciated, and know that their work matters. Taking time to show them gratitude for their work will also transform your appreciation for all they do for your organization and how they support you as a leader.

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3. Help you see how far you’ve come.

It can be easy to forget to appreciate all you’ve accomplished in your organization when you’re faced with all that still has to be done. By taking time to recognize what you and your team have already accomplished, you’ll be able to better appreciate where you are now and be more hopeful and encouraged as you move forward.

Being grateful for where you are now will also help you reframe past mistakes. Whether you’re thinking through past failures, remembering where you were years ago or how your organization has changed, you can start to reorient your thoughts to appreciate the past more. You’ll be able to examine your current position in light of your past, and see how your mistakes helped mold you into the leader you are today — and hopefully — help you to be less fearful for the future.

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Being grateful means going beyond the occasional thank-you — it means taking time each day to recognize what you’re thankful for as an individual and as a leader. Be sure to vocalize your gratitude to your team often and recognize how much they have contributed to you and to your organization. By doing so, you’ll help create a stronger, more unified team who can confidently move forward knowing they’re supported and appreciated by you and by each other.