8 Fun Things That Quickly Improve Team Building

The common leader’s search for gold is how to build their teams. Few things can build a team like having fun.

Yes, fun.

It may not be the answer you would expect, but this is often the very thing most teams are missing – how to have a little fun together.

When teams are built well, everything automatically works better. Production is more streamlined, the atmosphere is more peaceful and enjoyable and, overall, businesses are more prosperous.

The aspect of fun in leadership, business, organizations and, frankly, life is often overlooked and most underutilized. What friendships or relationships do we look forward to that don’t involve some major component of fun? So why shouldn’t our teams share fun experiences as well?

A team of individuals united as one can become an unstoppable force. But teams can’t simply be hired. It is our job to see to it that those individuals become a team.

Granted, teams should also embody a great deal of diversity in thought, background, skill, experience and strengths. These many differences naturally keep people from connecting.

So in the name of team-building, here are eight fun things you can do with your team:

1. Try an escape room.

Escape rooms are a great way to engage in some real team-building and problem-solving. It’s a unique environment to get everyone out of their shells. No matter how successful your team is at escaping, these types of activities are incredibly constructive in warming up a team to work together.

2. Go golfing.

Or go wall-climbing, play basketball, dodgeball or any exercise that engages in active team-building.

3. Play a game of paintball.

Maybe you have a team of executives who are just getting to know each other – this is a great way to quickly break the ice. Prepare your team to be dressed to get dirty. Split them in two groups, take them to the playing field and let them loose.

4. Take your team out for an unexpected coffee or ice cream.

Surprise your team on a Friday afternoon for a treat on the company. Let them know they will have the rest of the day off after. It’s a great way to end the week, and allow your team to relax and enjoy the time together.

5. Go go-karting.

Go-karts are certainly more of an individual sport but can get all spirits up quickly – competitive ones at that.

6. Have a BBQ.

Make time for your team to let their guard down outside of the office during the summer. Schedule a half day for your team to enjoy a meal together outside.

7. Surprise them with a movie.

Schedule a lengthy team meeting then surprise your team by taking them to a film that engages leadership or team building. Don’t tell them the plan until you’re at the meeting. Then take your team to enjoy a movie supplied with some popcorn and soda. After, take them out for lunch to discuss the film and what they’ve learned.

8. Start a new tradition.

Whether it’s a film, golf game or BBQ, or anything else you may think of, nothing creates community quite like annual events that a team can look forward to.

While we can be highly motivated to build our companies on all of the essential foundations a team needs to thrive, why should we leave out having fun?

Be sure you do not forget the essential component of fun when you are building a team. When you begin to create even small pockets of tradition, you’re not only creating moments of fun. You are creating an opportunity for people to be a part of something bigger than themselves. You are actively building a community – a team.

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