Keys to Hiring the Right People: 12 Ways You Know You’re on the Right Track

The hiring process can be daunting and draining. But finding the right fit for your team can also give you a better idea of the kind of people you want to hire and a great grasp of the ideal candidates.

The next hire could meet the current needs of your team, bring a new perspective and make a dynamic improvement to the culture of your organization. Of course, finding that person is easier said than done.

Spending hours in redundant interviews can, at times, be discouraging. But eventually the right person will come along. They could even excite you with their fresh perspectives. With a firm idea of the candidate you are looking for and the essentials necessary for the position, you may even find several potential prospects for the role.

Here are 12 ways to know you’re on track to hire the right person for your team:

  1. You’ve determined the necessary qualifications. Looking for the right employee means you need to know who you’re seeking to hire. Granted, the personalities, qualifications and experiences may vary. But when we have a solid sense of the individual we are looking for, we can more easily spot them.
  2. You can picture them on the team. They would fit into your team’s culture. Look for someone you can imagine easily working with your team. Interaction and collaboration are crucial parts of teamwork.
  3. They’re easy to communicate with. If an individual can express themselves well in a meeting, they are more likely to communicate on the job when difficulties arise. If attempting to interact is like pulling teeth, it’s a red flag to jump to the next candidate.
  4. They’re respectful. You want someone to respect you as a leader, as well as your team. If they aren’t polite in a nerve-wracking interview, how can you expect them to be competent when conflicts arise?
  5. They’re clued into social cues. Common courtesy and emotional intelligence are vital for maintaining a respectful and reputable work culture.
  6. They’re someone you could picture yourself working for. Imagine reversing the roles, and ask yourself: Can I picture working for this person? Would I want to? This will help you quickly determine if this person is someone your team can work well with and who could propel your organization forward.
  7. Their dreams and aspirations line up with the role. Will this role serve this person? If the position is not in line with their hopes for the future, this may not be your person.
  8. They can meet the demands of the job — hopefully, even offer more. While there are parts to a role that may be new, you should be confident they will be able to fulfill the role. You want to find someone who will bring the position’s expectations to the next level.
  9. Your organization would benefit from them. If you are confident this individual will enhance your company as well as the individuals on your team, you are on the right track.
  10. They can meet the current needs of your team. Or they can reverse any weaknesses.
  11. They are hungry for the role. There is an eagerness and overall excitement you should see when they’re right for the role. If they seem underwhelmed or neutral about the idea, that is likely the type of employee they would be.
  12. You are excited about the addition. If it’s a good fit, you should be just as enthusiastic about the possibility of the hire as they are.

Hiring new employees can be exciting when you keep your eyes open for the right person. You may not always be able to find the exact person you have in mind. But when you have a firm grasp of the ideal candidate, the process will be more seamless and maybe even enjoyable.

Selecting new hires may feel like a gamble, but it doesn’t have to be. When you commit to finding the ideal candidates, and trust your instincts along the way, you can make consistent and successful new hires.