3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time After Work

A man makes the most of his time after work by staying productive and taking time to rest after work hours

Most of us look forward to clocking out each day. We go home to be with our families, take time to rest and prepare for the day ahead. Or, we may cram in the appointments and events we can’t attend during our working hours. We may even handle work-related projects, slowly turning our afternoons and evenings into another chance to punch the clock.

It can be challenging to find the balance between handling your responsibilities and getting enough rest. It’s important that you properly manage your time, so you can fully enjoy your time at home and go to work feeling rested and accomplished. But how do you do that?

Here are three ways to manage your time after hours.

1. Create an hourly schedule. 

It can be easy to be unproductive in your free time, leaving you feeling guilty or overwhelmed later by the tasks that didn’t get done. Or, you may work too much on your other responsibilities, leaving you no time to rest and recharge. 

Just as you schedule your meetings and organize your time during your work day, consider doing the same after hours. Use the same calendar app or planner to block out your time off. Create an hourly plan and schedule time for family, completing projects around the house, going out with friends and taking time to rest. Doing so will help you realize how much time you have available and allow you to make the most of it.

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2. Make time for rest. 

You may find it easy to allow time to work on house projects or make appointments, while forgetting to take time to rest. You may become focused on what has to be done, and in doing so, miss doing those things you enjoy or have always wanted to do. 

Schedule time to rest and do the things you love. Be intentional about working on the things you’re passionate about but feel like you never have time for, even if it’s only a few minutes each day. Be sure to prioritize spending time outside, getting enough sleep and taking time to recharge. Scheduling time to rest and work on your passions will help you feel more fulfilled and rested during your working hours.

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3. Set boundaries. 

Having a set schedule doesn’t mean you won’t have to make adjustments. Unforeseen work projects may pop up and plans might change — and that’s okay. However, it’s important that you make clear boundaries and guard your time with your family.

When an unexpected event or task comes up, take a moment to evaluate how important it is. Ask yourself if it has to be handled now. If so, adjust your time as needed, but be sure to reschedule your rest or family time. If not, handle it when you get back to work and continue enjoying your time with your loved ones. By respecting your commitments to your family and to yourself, you will keep your priorities in order, while at the same time, giving each responsibility the amount of time it needs.

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Whatever your schedule looks like, be sure to practice staying in the moment. Plan out your time, prioritize your responsibilities and schedule time for rest — but then focus on the present. Be intentional about making the most of your time wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and enjoy each moment as it comes.